Locations - York Region (North Division)

York Region (North Division)

The town of Newmarket is booming. A thriving residential community with a diverse array of businesses, entertainment facilities, shopping centers like the Upper Canada Mall and a colourful restaurant culture, this York Region town has an abundance of things to see and places to go.

This is where Tok Transit steps in. With a rich background in world-class transportation services and an unparalleled expertise in the industry, Tok Transit has been entrusted to connect the vibrant town of Newmarket by operating the public transportation services that run through it and through the surrounding York Region towns.

To accommodate a high volume of residents on the go – the daily average in this area is approximately 2,000 – Tok Transit operates 80 buses for 32 routes (comprised of 28 conventional runs, two community runs and two door-to-door runs) across five to seven communities each day. This all allows for a comfortable, safe and easily customizable travel experience for the residents and visitors of Newmarket.

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