Bringing exceptional service to communities across the GTA

Tok Transit’s mission is to partner with municipal and regional transit authorities to create, implement and sustain turnkey, seamless and cost-effective solutions in the private delivery of transit services.

Since its formation in January of 2012, Tok Transit has swiftly transformed the face of public transportation on multiple municipalities across the Greater Toronto Area and the country. Emerging from Tokmakjian Group, whose collection of world-renowned brands include Can-Ar Coach Service and SN Diesel. Tok Transit is backed by over 30 years of stellar service in all corners the transportation industry, and is utilizing this background to provide the highest level of service to Canada’s towns.

A four-year contract with York Region has formed a significant relationship for Tok Transit. This contract, which entrusts Tok Transit with the public transportation for Aurora, Newmarket and other northern towns in York Region, is not only bringing the highest level of transit services to these areas but will ultimately allow York Region to reap the cost-saving benefits of employing an independent transportation service provider.

In October of 2012, Tok Transit was thrilled to also partner with Fort Erie, Ontario, initiating a contract that has placed Tok Transit in charge of owning, operating and maintaining the town’s transit services. Much like the towns within York Region that have appointed Tok Transit as their source of public transportation, this contract is allowing Fort Erie to save substantial costs on transit while offering its citizens the best in municipal travel.

Offering exceptional service without borders

While Tok Transit is currently operating on a municipal level, it aspires to grow and expand to areas outside of the GTA and Ontario. This vision has already begun to take form through Tok Transit’s thriving partnership with the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB), also known as Fort McMurray, in Alberta, which went underway in July of 2013. This 15-year contract, with a five-year renewal option, has placed Tok Transit at the helm of the area’s public transportation systems, providing the facility, procuring capital assets and managing fares, marketing and customer service. During their time of service in the RMWB, Tok Transit is to operate and maintain 50 standard and nine specialized municipality-owned transit, and will hire over a hundred full- and part-time employees to manage the entire transit system.

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